Pool enclosures a concern for Myrtle Beach Chamber (Update: wait and watch)

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Update 9/10: WMBF News has a break down of the issue and an update on the local officals' hopes in making an amendment to the new insurance regulations. 

Head on over to WMBF News for the full report and watch their broadcast of the story from Thursday night. 

First Report 9/8: Today, the United States Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs committee will be drafting a flood insurance bill that may impact off-season, winter tourism here in Myrtle Beach. 

The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce is hoping to get local Senator Jim DeMint on their side concerning the use of and making an amendment for glass pool enclosures for hotels along the Strand. CarolinaLive has a write-up on the Chamber's concerns over today's committee meeting in Washington DC.  They have contacted DeMint's office in DC but his representitives say that he might not even support the bill at all. 

You can read CarolinaLive's write-up on today's meeting and local concerns.  You can also hop on over to the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs website to watch a live stream of today's proceedings happening right now. 

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