Court rulings set stage for a lower drinking age in S.C. (updated - Legal efforts rejected)

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If two court rulings are upheld, the drinking age in South Carolina could soon revert to 18 years of age.

Read more stories on this subject in our alcohol topic page.An article in The State discusses about how a recent South Carolina Supreme Court ruling regarding possession of handguns by those under 21 has set the precedent.

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Of course the issue that will be debated is if the magic of age of 21 makes consumption of alcohol more responsible. Personally, I'm of the belief that restricting it only makes the abuse of the substance more "cool." 

I'm certain there have been oodles of study out there on this, anyone care to offer some links and context?


Update August 6: One of the cases where the judge ruled in favor of a lower drinking age is being appealed.

The State has the story.

With the issue being of some importance, the matter likely won't be dead until it reaches an even higher court in South Carolina.

Update August 27:

The effort to legalize the possession and consumption of persons under 21 has been rejected by 16th Circuit Judge Lee Alford.

The State has the story.

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