Pickens County says "No habla Español," English only please

Pickens County is moving to make English its official language. All other languages would be used only in an "emergency situation."

immigration rally
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Read more stories on this subject in our immigration topic page.The Pickens County Council voted 5-1 to approved a second reading of the ordinance that also offers stiffer penalties to those that employ illegal immigrants and requires the police to "reasonable effort" to determine if someone arrested is of legal status.

The ordinance would need to be passed at a third reading to be enacted.

But it's not all peachy on the council over this one. The Anderson Independent Mail reports:
Councilman Jim London objected to the “English language” requirement of the ordinance and voted against the ordinance in its entirety.

One does wonder if they're making the tough choice others were unwilling to make, or if they are creating the someday "shameful mindset of our forefathers."

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