Obama outpacing GOP in 2012 Pee Dee presidential money

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Yes, Obama is the incumbent candidate, and, no, he is not facing a Democratic fundraising opposition, but it's still pretty interesting that he's managed to be the top presidential dollar collector in the Palmetto State so far.

Obama has raised $238,291 to runner up Texas Gov. Rick Perry's $103,650 — and it's also interesting to note that Obama has spent $2,385 to Perry's $72,431.

You can get more perspective on those tidbits and the full rundown of dollar raising by Republican's over at The State's report.(1) If you'd like a bit more extrapolation on the oddity, I'll point you to Brad Warthen's column.

123 The 295xx zip code, colloquially known as the "Pee Dee" region, hasn't been very generous to the Presidential race yet. We've only contributed around 5% of South Carolina's total contributions to date. Of that $35,044 in contributions, Obama has taken in over $12,000. The highest pulling Republican is Romney with just over $7,000. You can drill down on the giving over here.

The S.C. Republican Primary is January 21.

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