County drops effort to ban low pants

Image by flickr user Philly Gryphons RFCImage by 20080616pants.jpg Jasper County crying uncle over low riders.

Update July 31: The Beaufort Gazette reports the effort has been dropped, saying:
Assistant Chief Steven Murphy of the Hardeeville Police Department said the consensus at the meeting was favorable to the concept of the ban, though there were pragmatic concerns about the wording and enforcement.

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Update June 17: The Beaufort Gazette reports the ordinance has received initial approval, but must go through two additional votes and public hearing for final approval.

The ordinance would impose a maximum penalty of $500 and 30 days in jail.

Original post: Jasper County Council may pass an ordinance that would ban wearing pants that ride so low that underwhere can be seen.

The proposal will be read Monday. No word on what penalties there would be if caught showing your undies.

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