Charleston's abandoned boat problem getting more attention

Image by Charleston WaterkeeperImage by 20090401-boats.jpg One of many abandoned boats near Folly.

Charleston loves its boats, and we've got tons of 'em. But we've got hundreds of sunk and sinking boats to match.

Read more stories on this subject in our abandoned boats topic page.As these abandoned boats decay they provide seen and unseen navigational hazards while they leech harmful toxins into our prized waterways.

The Charleston-area's problem is potent enough to compel The New York Times' to use local imagery when the did a story on the issue.

We've talked about this issue before at TheDigitel, but the article in The Times is a great way to get familiar with the issue and learn why you should care. 

So, go read it. Then, if you're motivated to see these boats removed, hop on over to the Charleston Waterkeeper site. They're a local non-profit that is -- in part -- working to see the boats charted and removed.

Thanks to all those who sent The Times story in.

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