At long last, the collard greens are done ... and South Carolina's official vegetable


(With handy link to guide on proper collard preparation and cooking.)

It took a surprising amount of doing, but the leafy, bitter and oft-tasty collard green is now all but the official state vegetable of South Carolina. You can see our previous coverage here.

Believe it or not the measure was contested in the House, passing just 86-14, however Gov. Haley has said she'll sign the bill into law soon.

Now the only question is, on the day she signs it, will it be fashionable to pin a collard to your searsucker's lapel? 

But if you're more interested in practical things (like good ways to cook and prep collards,) The Sate has republished a guide on doing so from 2004 — see it in their report here, or get the big version direct here.


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