YMCA targets summer crime rash

The YMCA of Greater Charleston on Cannon Street is helping tackle the annual rise in crime as school lets out and broke teens get bored. The organization's summer camp, in its second year, is getting a lot of positive reviews from parents. ABC News 4 reports:

"They may think I'm gonna hang out at the pool or the beach or go to the movies and it doesn't always happen that way because these things cost money. So now, they go into stores and they may steal. They start finding other avenues to entertain themselves," said Myra Chamble who runs summer camp at the Cannon Street YMCA.

This, only the second year the program's open to teens, but parents couldn't be more thankful.

"It's too much trouble out there, just too much going on to leave them by themselves when you're working all day," said Victoria Coaxum, a West Ashley mom.

You can check out the video coverage on News 4's Web site, as well.

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