Mount Pleasant Police's second-in-command charged with DUI (Update: Issues lead to new policy)

Dashboard video of a trooper giving now former Mount Pleasant Police Dept. Maj. Frank Riccio a field sobriety test and arresting him on a charge of driving under the influence.

Updates at the bottom:

Mount Pleasant police major Frank Riccio has been charged with a DUI after wrecking his jeep just outside of Georgetown on Saturday afternoon.

News 2 CharlestonĀ reports that Riccio, who is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation, was released from the Georgetown County Detention Center on a $997 personal recognizance bond Sunday morning.

RIccio has been on the force for 29 years.

Update March 16: The Post and Courier has uncovered the non-desrcript, 5-word incident report filed after Riccio's arrest simply as "Subject arrested for DUI refusal."

Most police agencies are required to write out a thorough and detailed report including insight into any conversations had, results of the field sobriety test and analyzing the suspect's demeanor. Allegedly, local troopers have been relying on dashboard cameras do to that job for them.

However, after The Post and Courier inquired about the 5-word report, Highway Patrol commanders ordered that all troopers' incident reports contain a detailed summary.

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