Concerns over marginal enforcement for suspects out on GPS monitors

(Updates at the bottom.)

The Post and Courier offers a damning report about the enforcement and compliance of those out on bail with GPS monitors.

In part:

Robinson testified that he and his staff warned her and Mitchell repeatedly about his failure to abide buy the terms of his house arrest. Over and over, Mitchell ventured miles from his North Charleston home to the East Side of Charleston and other spots, often staying out until 2 a.m., he said.

“It got to where there was just no compliance,” he said. “It was very obvious. ... It was a daily violation.”

Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson is now conducting a review of what she says, according to the paper, could just be the tip of the iceberg in local GPS monitoring problems. 

Read the paper's report over here.

Update October 14: A Charleston circuit judge is promising stiff penalties for monitoring companies that fail to report violations by those one bail.

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