Amazon bringing 1,250 jobs to Columbia with new distribution center (update: mounting pressure on deal)

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Update April 2, perspective: More than a month later the deal is still facing pressure and Amazon is saying that they could soon provide twice as many jobs as originally expected, as many as 3,000 full-time positions.

The State has a nice report on the situation and surprise by Lexington County officials at the lack of support; read it here.

Update February 27, recall threatened: New South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is now questioning her predecessor's deal.

A key issue in getting Amazon to build and open a distribution center in South Carolina was a promise that the online superstore would not find itself subject to state sales taxes — but now Haley says that may not be fair.

Read about what's up in this Associated Press report.

Construction has begun on the new facility, however Amazon has been willing to shutdown and pullout of other states where sales taxes have been levied on the retailer. 

First reporting December 7, 2010: As the online retail superstore Amazon looks to expand with distribution centers in the Southeast, it has announced it will build one of its massive warehouses near Columbia.

A move that is expected to generate some 1,250 jobs.

The Charleston Regional Business Journal has a nice report on the news.

Update December 8, link update: The State has posted a robust write-up that also notes recent economic development wins for Lexington County; take a read here.

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