Charleston binge drinks itself to number 12 in the country

Flickr user Andreas Kollegger
Charleston is said to consume more Grand Marnier than any other city in the country.

There's really no point arguing it, Charleston loves its beer, wine, cocktails, and dang near anything with a percent to it — and now there are some stats to back it up.

In a list more anecdotal fun than medical fact, The Daily Beast has brewed up the scores to sort out "America's Drunkest Cities of 2011, From Las Vegas to Boston" and Charleston swilled its way to number 12 with 568,000 people over the age of 21 downing an average of 13.8 drinks a month per person and scoring a 17.3% score of binge drinkers — that's 7,385,799 drinks a month.

It's a list the #CHS shares with only one other state from the Southeast, and that's a Florida town.

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