A fourth micro brewer for Charleston coming in 2011: Holy City Brewing (brewer bios)

Image by Holy City Brewing

Original reporting, updates at the bottom: First there was Palmetto, then in 2007 COAST, and on the tailing cusp of 2010 Westbrook came to the Charleston area.

And now there's a fourth microbrew contender coming to Charleston: Holy City Brewing.

They're still a few months away from launch and they're just getting their 15 barrel brewing system set up at their Dorchester Road facility in North Charleston. That said, they've been brewing up test batches and showing them off periodically around town and Johnny Battles from Sweeteeth Chocolate has been using their stout in chocolate bars.

So keep an eye out for their test batches around the, well, the Holy City until an official launch due sometime this spring.

Timmons will have more info for you as we get closer to launch, but here's your beer heads up and if you'd like to follow along and give them some nudges, tune into their Facebook page.

Update February 3: The Post and Courier has an article profiling the four man team behind the up-and-coming Holy City Brewing.

Mac Minaudo, Chris Brown, Joel Carl and Sean Nemitz are four men on a mission to make great beer. Pop over to the post to learn more about the fellas.

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