A plead for sanity in the Charleston burger scene

Image by TheDigitel The burger from Graze is tall with fried shoestring onions and bacon, but will still fit in one's mouth without too much squeezing.

Writing for the Charleston City Paper, Robert Moss is saying enough is enough on the trend of ever fancier burgers, as bigger and fancier is not alway better.

In part:

Individually, each of the ingredients composing the burger are excellent. Put together, they fight like cats and dogs. Perhaps it's because you have to work too hard to get the full assembly into your mouth, squeezing the bun and stretching your jaws as wide as possible. The cheese never seems to be melted all the way through, and toppings are always falling off left and right. Even with the moistness of medium-rare ground beef, such burgers can often seem dry, perhaps due to the excessive amount of bun that gets in the way. 

It's a sentiment I'll agree with, often a dozen dollar burger fairs far less tasty than a few dollar greasy mushy burger from Five Guys.

Read Moss' piece over here.

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