Watch baby sea turtles crawl from their sea island nest

Sea turtles, they hatch from their sandy nests and make the short yet oh-so perilous guided-by-starlight crawl into the ocean waves.

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources shares a video of 16 campers from Camp Wildwood whot set out at dusk on Botany Bay in search of sea turtles.

Botany Bay is on the northeast corner of Edisto Island.


"With help from Chris Salmonsen from the Department of Natural Resources, they got to see nearly 20 hatchlings emerge from their nests, and helped ensure all made it safely into the surf", writes the department about the loggerhead turtle filming. "During the nesting season, loggerheads may be disoriented by artificial lights [leading] turtles away from the ocean. So remember 'Lights Out for Loggerheads!'"

"Awww, so cute!", indeed.

Red lights that are approved to be turtle friendly infrared cameras were used to film the scenes.

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