Fireworks and celebrations around Myrtle Beach for the 4th (Update: Video from SCnow & WMBF)

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Things that blow up are awesome!

Update 7/2: Below you'll find two videos, one from showcasing the areas fireworks displays -including Florence area. The other from WMBF regarding boating safety this weekend. 

Make sure to pop over and read the full write-ups for all the sources. Be safe and have a great Independence Day weekend!

First Report 7/1: Still don't know where to go to see this years 4th of July fireworks? Or what's happening accross the Strand? We've got you covered. 

Myrtle Beach Scene has compiled a list of the areas fireworks displays.

Besides the 60 mile stretch of  locals and tourists lighting store bought fireworks off on the beach, there are lots of places around the Grand Strand to catch those bombs bursting in air.

Hop on over to Myrtle Beach Scene checkout the list of places and times. There are also a couple events happening throughout the day, including a pretty cool sea side spectacle involving some F-16 fighter jets

Also, has a huge list of not only this weekends Independents day events but for the entire month of July. Additionally, SCnow has a great list of all the happenings at Broadway at the Beach that kick off tonight and last until thier fireworks display Monday night. 

Safety First

We all know that this is the time of the year where the dozens of fireworks stores around town make most of their money and that's thanks to all of us locals and tourists who crowd the beaches at night lighting off every bottle rocket and cherry bomb we all could get our hands on. And of course safety should be priority number one.

Over at, they have a write-up about local fire officials stressing safety while playing with fireworks this 4th of July weekend. Every year there are over 200 firework related injuries during the months surrounding the 4th

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