Park Circle film group playing 'The Broken Hearts Club'

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The Greater Park Circle Film Society will do the Lowcountry premier of "The Broken Hearts Club" on Saturday, October 24, at 4 and 7 p.m. 

What is this club movie about, you ask? The independent film tries to find out what happens when a clinical psychiatrist has his criminally insane patients replaced with clinically heart-broken ones.

The film society is at 1080 East Montague Avenue in North Charleston.

Here's all the details from the e-mailed release:

Indies don't need Sundance when film festivals and independent movie houses are eager to screen high caliber, low budget films. The Broken Hearts Club, a romantic comedy for the rest of us, is making its Lowcountry premiere at the Olde North Charleston Picture House, located at1080 E. Montague.  

In the film, Dr. Terrence N. Thiebold (Tank Jones) is a former All-American linebacker and now a prominent criminal psychiatrist. Terrence is a stoic, regimented and apathetic to a fault. However, when his criminally insane patients are replaced with the clinically heartbroken, Terrence's ordered life takes a dramatic turn, putting his career and his marriage in jeopardy. The film also stars Maya Gilbert (Zane's Sex Chronicles), Michael Monks (Harsh Times, What's Love Got To Do With It?), and Gwendolyn Edwards (The Last Confederate, Vivaldi).  

The director, Angelo Bell, is an award-winning writer, director and producer. Angelo began 2007 with a quarterfinals finish for Steven Spielberg’s and Mark Burnett's Reality TV Show, The Lot. When he was called to make a second film for the reality show, Angelo made The First Time, an edgy, three-minute drama. He finished 100th out of 12,000 contestants and his film, The First Time, was selected by the Independent Film Channel. The Broken Hearts Club is the culmination of 7 years of expedited filmmaking, 20 years studying the craft of filmmaking and a lifetime of having fun at what he does.

Bell says, “Broken Hearts Club came to me out of thin air. I’d worked with an actor, Sean Ross, several times and we wanted to do something together. We met every Saturday to co-write a sci-fi. One day, Sean’s vernacular struck me. He used lots of profanity but very colorfully. I wondered how funny it would be to have someone speak in a similar fashion but about something very serious. Later, a co-worker told me about a guy she was so lovesick over that she’d actually feel faint when she was near him. I put the two concepts together. The other characters came about as a need to balance perspectives and touch on real human emotion. I got a good deal on a photography studio and we shot the film in two days.” 

The film has been showing across North America and Europe this year, with screenings that included the Hollywood Black Film Festival.  Given the burgeoning Lowcountry independent film community, Angelo advises his fellow artists, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t get discouraged…. Find the thing that inspires you…. Motivation plus inspiration equals momentum!”  

There will be two film showings for The Broken Hearts Club, 4 and 7 p.m.  More information can be found at  



The Olde North Charleston Picture House features independent films, documentaries, and shorts representing the themes of “humanitas” (coined by Cicero to define the “good person”) and “communitas” (feeling of social equality, solidarity & togetherness). The Greater Park Circle Film Society, which sponsors the theater, is a non-profit member organization whose purpose is to educate the Lowcountry public on all aspects of media arts. In so doing, the Society presents films not generally shown commercial theaters, offers related educational programs, and fosters civic engagement.