Beer and blood at Pure Theatre's new play 'Low Country Boil' (update: review in)

Image by Pure Theatre

Update March 9: The City Paper has a review up. Sounds like and interesting play steeped in Charleston.

First reporting: Join Pure Theatre for a complimentary beer tasting sponsored and hosted by Charleston Beer Exchange and Coast Brewing Company this Friday, March 5th, to celebrate the opening night international global world premiere of the violent new play about our fair city, 'Low Country Boil.'

The play is written and directed by Pure Core member R.W. Smith and is for mature audiences only, so put the kiddies to bed for this one.

Here's a plot summary from Pure Theatre's page:

Cath (Jenny Pringle) has two dead bodies in her car, $500,000 in cash, and a new lease on life. Now she must hightail it back to Chucktown to take revenge against the dead guy who betrayed her, and to confront the folks who want their money back. Developed in the PURE Lab, this is the sequel to R.W. Smith's Horse Tranqs & Carriage People.

The beer tasting will be held at 7:30 p.m. at Upper Lance Hall n the grounds of the Circular Congregational Church located at 150 Meeting Street.

Tickets for the evening's show are on sale for $25, get yours here.