Artistic evolution taking place amid, but outside of, Spoleto

Running at the same time as Spoleto, Philip Hyman's "Evolution: An Alternative Art Show" is an attempt to put the spotlight on Charleston's underground art scene amidst one of the biggest arts festivals in the world. It consists of a series of art events between May 22 and June 7, featuring visual arts, poetry, film, and more. Some of the venues involved with the show are such popular sites as Voodoo in West Ashley, 52.5 downtown, and the Old Village in Park Circle. Charleston City Paper reports on the show:

Sitting outside EVO Pizza on East Montague Ave. in North Charleston, Hyman explained Evolution’s main event.

“This entire street will be filled with different things to do and look at. There’ll be a 48-foot graffiti wall, live music, and tons of artwork. I’m trying to get people to see North Charleston as an important place for art. The artists know this, because there’s no place they can show downtown. I’ve been promoting this area for years, and it finally seems something is happening.”

The question of space, and of which artists are fortunate to have it, fuels Hyman’s drive. His chief ambition, he says, is to provide locals and artistic newcomers with a fair opportunity to show their work.

“That’s all it’s about. Not money or fame, I work for the sake of art, and promoting this area.”

You can find out more about "Evolution" on its MySpace page, including a full schedule of events.