Recycled fashion show aims to celebrate Earth Day

Traditionally Earth Day activities target children with arts and crafts, but this year fashion-centric brains of Charleston want to launch the first annual "Avante Garbage," an all recycled fashion show, scheduled for April 18.

"Want" is the key word here. Avante Garbage coordinator, Erin Keegan, needs the community to make this progressive vision a reality.

Here's what Keegan is looking for:
Avante Garbage will merge the spirits of Fashion Week and Earth Day as an all recycled-garment fashion show. An ideal submission would be composed of mostly recycled materials, like plastic for instance. Your garment does not necessarily need to resemble the contents of your garbage bin, but remember that this show is honoring Earth Day, so get creative.

If you are at all interested, contact Erin Keegan by e-mail or phone at (864) 906-0954.