ListenUp Myrtle Beach launches new look; Party this week

There will be no better showcase of local music talent than the ListenUp Birthday Bash this weekend.

If you care anything at all about locally produced and performed music, ListenUp is a must have in your bookmarks bar.

Quite frankly, our friends at ListenUp do such a bang up job of covering local music news and events that we'd be wasting our time trying to cover the same things. They have done so much for the Myrtle Beach music community in the past year, certainly driven more by passion than profit, that it's downright inspiring.

ListenUp's founder, Chris Mowder, has taken the chronological milestone as an opportunity to make some changes to the look and format of the site. Not the least of which is a snazzy new design for the site and an open call for writers and reporters. Chris lays out the new plan here. If you really care about the local music scene, this is your chance to participate. Don't talk about it, be about it!

And what is a birthday without a party?