Waccamaw Publishers promise web overhaul on Friday

You should be able to get all of your Waccamaw Publishers content in one spot online come this Friday.

According to the latest edition of the Carolina Forest Chronicle, Waccamaw Publishers will push their online news to MyHorryNews.com starting Friday.

It has been difficult for us to share and monitor some of the great content and reporting that comes from the Waccamaw family of newspapers due to the way they publish online. For example, I would post a link to the Chronicle article that covers the new online direction, but I can't do that easily because of their current website format. (A generic link that doesn't take you directly to the source story kind of defeats the purpose of why we are here and what we do.)   

For the geek crowd, it doesn't look like MyHorryNews.com will be using the same SquareSpace set-up as the recently launched HorryBiz.com but it will likely be powered by TownNews like the Visit! website. But really that's neither here nor there– anything that doesn't use PDFs or Flash is an improvement in our book. 

Needless to say, we are excited to be able to add My Horry News to the list of over 50 websites, blogs, and social networks we monitor every day to find and present the best in Myrtle Beach area content.