Charleston Fashion Week Tuesday night: One doozy of an opener (with photos)

Image by TheDigitel Check out more photos from the night on Flickr.

My back hurts. Not because I was slumped over from sheer boredom, but because it was the first time in almost 10 years that I utilized the correct way to sit in a chair.

I was straight up on the edge of my seat for about 90% of the show. Charleston Fashion Week 2010 kicked off the week right with the Emerging Designer Contest and Goga founder, Gordana Gehlhausen, rounding out the night with her 20-piece collection. 

Like any flagship show, there were bound to be a few mistakes here and there: models falling out of shoes, intro videos playing out of sequence, etc. But aside from all of that, the place was electric. People were definitely excited to get a peek at a few fledgling collections.

My favorite of the night went to Larika Page who KILLED the crowd with her out-of-this-world, Janelle Monae-inspired pieces (and hair).

My honorable mention easily goes to Barbara Beach for her awesome kids line that will definitely be on the backs of some fashion-forward in the near future.

I'm still looking for that magical collection to truly represent the majority of men in this town. Hats off to Chelsie Ravenell, but I don't think I have nearly enough swagger to fill out his bold and ballsy take on an all-American style. I don't think I belong to that club just yet.

I look forward to tomorrow's show. Perhaps Banana Republic and Sucker Jeans will remove my doubts about the state of men's fashion.

We shall see...

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