Cavortress in the Local Community

It has been a busy year for Cavortess in Charleston.

Late last year, I left my old job traveling the country consulting 30+ large school districts including Las Vegas, Tampa, and Palm Beach, on their communication systems, and started working at the Art Institute (Ai) of Charleston as an adjunct professor in the Fashion Retail  and Management department.

In October, I did a collaborative project with my students at Ai, as well as my interns from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen in Germany and College of Charleston aboard the Spirit of South Carolina.  I organized a photo shoot aboard the ship featuring some pieces from the Cavortress 2011 Swim collection.  The ship’s main purpose is education and they almost always focus on scientific studies for students. This was the ship’s first educational collaboration involving fashion.  The photos taken by the locally esteemed photographer, Cyle Suesz (also a student at Ai) will be featured in the Spring issue of Charleston Art Magazine.  A behind the scenes video can be viewed here.

In January, I collaborated with a team of costume designers from NYC to create the looks for the current season of Army Wives' advertisement campaign. 


Army Wives, Photo courtesy of

In February, I assisted with the Charleston Ballet’s annual Oscar Gala as a table designer and on the event’s production committee.  My table theme was Moulin Rouge in honor of the Oscar winning film.  It was definitely a creative challenge and a lot of fun.  In true Cavortress fashion, my table was the last group to leave, partying on even after the lights came on. It was a fantastic event and an honor to work with so many talented and supportive people from the community for a great cause. 




Cavortress Table display ($50 gift certificates for each person at the table!) photo by Allison Ball.

For the Cavortress 2011 Lookbook, I worked with Tout Talent models Whitney M. and Marissa H. who are two of their best. Tout Talent, is a local talent agency who I have worked with on a number of occasions.  Tout has also been supportive with a number of local runway shows and have a good variety of models to choose from.  We plan to collaborate again this summer in Miami where they are opening a new office.


After the news came out about my participation in Charleston Fashion Week, I have received a number of inquiries from photographers and journalists wanting to know more about the Cavortress brand and to borrow looks for editorial purposes.  Just last week I met with two Communication students from University of South Carolina who write for their ‘Fashion Board’ which is a component in the USC Reporter. WLCN invited me to appear on their new show ‘The Edge’ to talk about Cavortress and what’s happening at Charleston Fashion Week.  Oblique Magazine will be featuring Cavortress on one of their upcoming covers and as a fashion feature this summer with photo shoots scheduled in April and May.  There has even been talk about Cavortress participating in a collaboration with Pistil Films later this Spring.

Both Cavortress Vintage and Design will be featured in Vent Magazine’s next issue that releases late spring as well as their first print issue that will be available in later in the summer. These editorials were coordinated by Najee Wilson, the magazine’s style editor and shot by Vent’s founder/editor at large (and my favorite photographer), Cyle Suesz.  I saw a sneak peek and I have to say this is some of his best work. I seriously can’t wait for these issues to come out!

Last but not least, allow me to take a minute and mention my interns who diligently help me week after week with a variety of research projects, mailings, events, choosing models, styling photo shoots, caring for vintage clothing, and just about everything under the sun that we need to get the job done. And guess what- I make THEM coffee! As a professionally trained educator, working with students is an important part of my work ethic and philosophy that will continue to be a part of the Cavortress business model.  Education is the initial root for growing any industry and I truly enjoy being a professor and mentor. Congrats to Kimberly Spaine my first intern who has been through thick and thin with me since the beginning of Cavortress.  She just joined the sales team at Tibi in NY, NY.  The seeds are growing!


Katie Borges helps at Swim 2011 photoshoot.

Stay tuned for my posts about manufacturing, Cavortress Vintage and taking Cavortress on the road!

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