Charleston Fashion Week day one, who needs sleep?

Image by TheDigitel

It's a bit of a strange feeling. Charleston Fashion Week is suddenly here, even though I knew exactly when it would arrive, and it still seems surreal. Those hours of waiting, emails for castings, selection, fittings, rehearsals...and it's so suddenly upon us.

My morning started with a fitting at Teal in Mt. Pleasant before dashing back downtown to work at the gallery for a few hours. I'm praying my boss can put up with me this week.

One of the models cast in the show I was to be an alternate for this evening became ill last night (feel better Kristen!) and after a quick series of phone calls this afternoon I was cast for Uriel Zamora.

The world runs on interns. And I don't know where I'd be without our gallery interns who have, so graciously, added "car service" to their repertoire of responsibilities for the week.

I arrived at the tents at 2:30 this afternoon. The wait didn't seem at all as bad as I remembered it as I went through hair and makeup and a quick fitting into a badass yellow corset and black shorts. Thank god for those work outs at Pivitol I've been fighting to get in!

Uriel's collection was a mix of superhero alter-ego plus bright Miami style, and it was an incredible honor to walk for him this evening.

Stepping on to the runway felt easy. Comfortable even. Until I realized how suddenly slick it was. Thanking every deity there is that I wore my own shoes in the show, it felt all to quickly that I was already backstage and preparing for the final walk.

After the show I slipped into an electric blue romper, compliments of Troubadour,  sick bow/discoball headband, compliments of my best friend Mike Grady, and belt from the vintage Cavortress collection before a quick touch up by Ashley Brook Perryman and dashing back out front--this time playing runway journalist for The Digitel.

Tomorrow: final fitting for White at 9:30, until 2:30 and then back to the tents for House of Sage and Mychael Knight tomorrow evening.

Does this all sound like I'm rambling and sleep deprived? Because that's how I'm feeling at this point...

Until tomorrow.

[Editor's note: If you're looking for photos of the night, check out Brian's post.]