Winning poster design for 2011 Cooper River Bridge Run unveiled

Rick Sargent, a Charleston illustrator, is the winner of a $1,000 purse and lots of eyeballs for his poster design of the 2011 Cooper River Bridge Run.

The Post and Courier has a story about this year's winner and a photo set from the poster's unveiling last night.

This year's run is April 2.

The bridge run has a press release out on the news. I pasted it below for preservation.

The Arthur J. Ravenel Bridge welcomes all travelers to Charleston, whether by land or by sea. By the position of the bridge in his design, Rick incorporated this welcoming aspect as well as the bridge’s bold artistic presence in the Charleston skyline. Rick also paid homage to an iconic Charleston designer, Phillip Simmons.  He incorporated the classical beauty of Simmons’ gate designs by using their graceful patterns to represent the movement of the sky and sea.  Finally, the perspective and color choice of the overall design conveys the exhilaration that the runner experiences in reaching the top of the bridge and seeing the Charleston skyline.

Rick Sargent is owner of Sargent Illustration and Design, LLC and anadjunct faculty member in the Graphic Design Department at the Art Institute of Charleston. He is an award-winning medical illustrator and animator with nine years professional experience.  Rick earned aBachelor Degree in Art from the University of Georgia and a Master of Science degree in Medical Illustration from the Medical College of Georgia. He received his board certification from the Association of Medical Illustrators.

Rick is passionate about painting.  He has studied painting at the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Academy Ducret in New Jersey.  His work is inspired by the symbolism and significance of everyday events.  His major artistic influences are Rembrandt, Ingres, Millet, John Singer Sargent, and Bo Bartlett.

Rick and his wife, Amy, have two children, Layna and Suzanna.  They live in Mt. Pleasant and enjoy annually running the Bridge Run. They serve together at East Cooper Baptist Church and YoungLife.