A #FF for the #CHS hashtagging community (Yes, it's a Twitter thing)

Image by Flickr user coletivomambembe Hashtags make Twitter all soft and cuddly for us.

At TheDigitel we're all about connecting people to the best in Charleston stories and we wouldn't be as good as we are without the help of you, dear #CHS hashtaggers.

Whether we're interacting with what you have to say on our phone or desktop Twitter app (or just stalking you from the box on our homepage) you're there calling attention to breaking local news, bad traffic, events, tasty food, or even an occasional bit of self promotion -- and chastising those that abuse the airwave.

So this Follow Friday is to those of you that make the #CHS tag such a good place to keep up with the pulse on what's interesting in Charleston and helping us find new and interesting voices in the community.

Oh, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out our guide to local hashtags and maybe dive into the tweets on Twitter page.