Fallout over OK-to-dredge ruling for Savannah River lands in S.C. Supreme Court

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The fallout over the OK-to-dredge decision for the S.C. DHEC continues — now with a hearing before the S.C. Supreme Court.

Most interestingly, court justices pushed on DHEC over whether or not the agency was by law allowed to issue the OK without first consulting with the Savannah River Maritime Commission. The court also appeared concerned with what would happen if a simple ruling was issued that said DHEC was in error.

"Were we to simply decide that DHEC acted illegally, what we'd do is expose the state to having the claim successfully made that the state has waived its ability to do anything about this, and that these parties can go ahead and dredge the Savannah River without any input at all from the state of South Carolina," Court Chief Justice Jean Toal said.

I'll point you to Bluffton Today's report for the rundown; read it here.

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