Vote what? 'Vote Beer.' A bit about the odd sign

As seen at Charles and Congress streets.

You've probably noticed the rather odd (and college dorm room gold) signs for Beaufort City Councilwoman Donnie Beer that read, yes, "Vote Beer."

And you may have noticed that they seem to disappear quite often.

We were just going to post the photo and leave it at that but thought we'd dig a little deeper as to why the councilwoman would go for a sign that would be so prone to growing legs and running off, so we asked.

Beer told us, "When I first started campaigning in 1991 my committee suggested to play
on my last name.  It was short and easy to remember.  Unfortunately it
is also a drawing card to those who think it would make a great addition
to a den, dorm room, apartment or in some cases an office. It has
brought some problems in that I have to continue to replace more than
half of them each election cycle but I know that going in."

If you'd like one, she says just get in touch with her and she'll gladly give you one after the election, but please just don't take it.

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