Wigs, corner hats, and Tea Partiers, oh my, Hardeeville man gets national attention

Flickr user M.V. Jantzen
A surprisingly unsurprising sight at a Tea Party rally.

For his efforts to costume himself as South Carolinian and Founding Father Charles Pinckney, William Barbee, the 60-year-old electrical contractor from Hardeeville, has earned a proud bit of limelight in the Wall Street Journal.

Why you ask? Well the Journal is taking a look at how Tea Partiers may be bad for the political establishment, but they've been great business for the costume establishment that has seen a massive surge in demand for their powdered wigs, three-cornered hats, and other period garb.

The paper says, in part:

Mr. Barbee, of South Carolina, says he always thought the "the re-enactment people were really odd ducks."

But he changed his mind after researching Mr. Pinckney, the signer,
and wearing his 18th-century garb to the nation's capital. In his group,
he was accompanied by a "colonial wife," a friend and female tea-party
participant who wore a long dress and a petticoat.

It's a serious yet quirky story; take a read here.