Head of S.C. Legislative Audit Council dies while running in Beaufort (update: autopsy flak)

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Update October 21: A battle over South Carolina's Freedom of Information Act is brewing between The Post and Courier and the Beaufort County Coroner's Office.

Following Thomas Bardin Jr. unexpected death while out for a run, the paper requested a copy of the autopsy report Coroner Ed Allen refused saying that the document is not public information.

Read the paper's report on the matter over here.

Expect more on this one in the coming days or weeks.

First reporting August 29: The head of the S.C. Legislative Audit Council, Tom Bardin Jr., died Saturday morning while out for a run in Beaufort.

The State has a report on this incident.

Bardin is a Beaufort native, but the report and coroner are a bit odd in their phrasing, or lack thereof, on why Bardin was in Beaufort. Seems irresponsible to present it as an issue when he indeed is a Beaufort native.

We'll let you read it for yourselves here.

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