Push to rename Spanish Moss Rail-Trail to Magnolia Line Trail grows

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A magnolia tree near the start of the old Port Royal Railroad, the trees were planted at mile markers along the railroad.

(Updates at the bottom.)

After The Island Packet helped remind that the Port Royal Railroad's name traced back to an original Magnolia Line Trail, momentum has gathered to rename the developing Spanish Moss Rail-Trail to Magnolia Line Trail.

Most notably the Beaufort County Historic Preservation Review Board has voted in favor of the change — but longtime supporters of the rail-trail say it may not be that easy with problems ranging from other towns using the Magnolia moniker to the names on legal paperwork.

The Packet captures the debate well in their report; take a read here.

Update July 2: Bluffton Today was flummoxed over some 150 minutes of debate by county council over the Mossy Oak vs. Magnolia names and the paper notes that the debate will likely return at the next meeting.