S.C., Ga. back together in support of Jasper Port (update: for now)

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(First reporting July 25, updates at the bottom.)

The Savannah Morning News is reporting that after a not too friendly halt to Jasper Port dealings, officials from S.C. and Ga. have come back to the table to proceed with studies of the future ocean terminal.

This is all early reporting out of Monday's Joint Project Office meeting, but apparently the group made up of S.C. and Ga. reps has agreed to put $1 million toward Jasper port studies.

You can read up on that here.

Update August 8: With news of a $1 million commitment for the Jasper Port a collective sigh of relief has been breathed, but Bluffton Today is reminding to not exhale too deeply.

Sure, the port has already been called off once before but the Bluffton Today also points out that, well, in their words: "So it would be easy for state lawmakers to shove the port project to a back burner in lean, recessionary times. It would be easy, in the midst of hard budgetary decisions, to say: 'What’s the difference between 15 years and 16 years? We can kick this can down the road and fund port development next year.'"

Check out the paper's column here.

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