Have your say on the new plan for Beaufort

City of Beaufort
Mayor Billy Keyserling discusses the Civic Master Plan at a February 2011 meeting.

The Beaufort Redevelopment Commission is continuing it work on designing a civic master plan with a public planning charrette from May 21-25.

Discussed this time around is Sector 4 (city limits west of Ribaut Road and west of Battery Creek) and Sector 5 (areas within the City limits located on Lady'sIsland).

Below are more details on the time, location, and specifics from a release:

The Civic Master Plan will establish principles and standards that all public and private development will follow and will identify and promote investment and reinvestment opportunities, block by block, in each neighborhood throughout the entire city. Each neighborhood has its own unique history, character and physical attributes and we need your help to identify how each will evolve over the coming decades.

The Redevelopment Commission will hold public workshops prior to the charrettes to gather input from local residents and property owners. Comments from these meetings will be summarized on the Office of Civic Investment website. 

Sector 4 includes all the areas within the City limits west of Ribaut Road and west of Battery Creek. This sector includes the western portion of Boundary Street, City Government Complex/New City Hall, Beaufort Town Center, Beaufort Plaza, portions of Burton, as well as the Marine Corps Air Station.

Sector 5 includes the areas within the City limits located on Lady's
Island, including various properties along Sea Island Parkway, the Beaufort County Airport, Beaufort High School, and two Planned Unit Developments (Distant Island and Cane Island). 


May 10, 2012 at 6:00PM
Sector 4 Public Workshop
Location: Beaufort City Hall

May 15, 2012 at 6:00PM
Sector 5 Public Workshop
Location: Beaufort Academy (Tentative)

Charrette: May 21-25, 2012
Location: City Hall, 1911 Boundary Street
Monday, May 21st – Afternoon 3:00pm – Boundary Street Business/Property Owners
Tuesday, May 22nd— Afternoon 3:00pm — Ladys Island Business/Property Owners
Tuesday, May 22nd-- Evening Public Pinup Session in Studio at 5:00 pm
Wednesday, May 23nd – Design with Evening Public Pinup Session in Studio at 5:00 pm
Friday, May 25 — Public Pin Up Session in Studio at 7:00pm

**Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will be held on the Second Floor at City Hall, 1911 Boundary Street, Beaufort, SC.

For more information, please contact Josh Martin at jmartin@cityofbeaufort.org