Fuel costs hamper Beaufort-area water rescue efforts (update: fundraiser held)

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Updated March 20: A fundraiser was held over the weekeld to raise money for Beaufort Water Search and Rescue.

You can see footage of the golf tournament out on Fripp Island by checking out the video below or clicking on the WSAV coverage here.

Reported March 15: There are a couple of reports out there this week regarding how spiking fuel costs are putting a hurting on Beaufort County's water rescue squads that assist stranded boaters and those in distress.

With gas up around $3.50 a gallon and Beaufort Water Search and Rescue only receiving about $9,000 annually from Beaufort County you can see how gas can quickly eat up the budget.

For more on this check out The Island Packet's report here and WSAV's video below.

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