Surprise: Obama outpacing GOP in 2012 Beaufort presidential money

Flickr user Dave Dugdale

Yes, Obama is the incumbent candidate, and, no, he is not facing a Democratic fundraising opposition, but it's still pretty interesting that he's managed to be the top presidential dollar collector in the Palmetto State so far.

Obama has raised $238,291 to runner up Texas Gov. Rick Perry's $103,650 — and it's also interesting to note that Obama has spent $2,385 to Perry's $72,431.

You can get more perspective on those tidbits and the full rundown of dollar raising by Republican's over at The State's report.(1) If you'd like a bit more extrapolation on the oddity, I'll point you to Brad Warthen's column.

Locally, in the Beaufort-Jasper county area, $57,907 has been raised all together with Obama leading again, $17,192. Here Perry only raised $2,300 and Mitt Romney lead the Republicans with $14,690; you can drill down on the giving over here.

The S.C. Republican Primary is January 21.

1) The report earns a gold badge for understatement of the month, "However, Obama is not expected to carry South Carolina."

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