Two arrested and charged with theft, other offenses (update: third person arrested)

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Update, April 4: According to an update from the Sherrif's Office, a third person has been detained in connection with the Johnson-Driessen thievery charges.

The man in custody is 19-year-old Blufftonian Stefan Damian Harris, who officials say they are now working with trying to identify and return stolen property to its "rightful place." Officials also confirmed that while he is being held, the are preparing to bring additional charges against the man.

First Reporting: The Beaufort County Sheriff's office announced March 31 that they had arrested two men, a 19 year-old named Dontay Love Johnson and 17 year-old Devard Chiquill Driessen, on multiple charges including theft.

Officers were apparently alerted when an on-duty patroller saw at 4:45 a.m. two men dressed in "all black clothing, gloves, and carrying backpacks." Once contact was made with the individuals, the officer found in their possession a handgun, and a number of other stolen items that were believed to have been taken from various cars in the area. The items were apparently returned to their rightful owners as the two men await trial.

Stay tuned for updates as this story develops.

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