Person posing as Beaufort County School District employee arrested (update)

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Updated July 25: We thought this story interesting enough that it would warrant a full writeup from The Island Packet.

But that doesn't seem to be the case.

The Packet has a brief that you can read here.

And what issues led to the school district releasing this warning still is  mostly a mystery.

Reported July 22: The Beaufort County School District has sent out a release regarding the arrest of someone who has been going to area homes posing as a district employee.

The press release is below:

The Beaufort County School District is aware of a recent case where a person was going to area homes and posing as a BCSD Employee.  That person has been arrested and is not in any way associated with the BCSD.


The public should be aware that ALL BCSD employees carry PHOTO identification and the public should not hesitate to ask to see that ID any time they have a question.  If you are still not sure that it is a BCSD Employee, then a phone call can be placed to the District to verify the person’s identity.  The main number of the BCSD District Office is 322-2300.

Do not allow any one into your home or around your children unless you are sure of their identity.

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