Officials searching for man accused of burglary

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Not the car in question, but you get the idea.

Beaufort County Sheriff's Office officials continued their search April 1 for a man accused of trespassing, burglary, and attempted theft at a home on Vaux road.

According to reports, authorities responded to a "burglary in process" call and found an unfamiliar black SUV parked in front of the house. Inside the car sat one woman, Renella Marie Watkins, who was quickly apprehended by police after the owner of the house forced her out at gunpoint. She is to be charged with one count of trespassing and an outstanding family bench warrant.

The male suspect, who was later identified as 41-year-old Sherman Myers, was attempting to load a "stolen power washer" back into the car after it had fallen out, but managed to flee the scene before officials arrived. 

Tune in for updates as this story develops.

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