A suggestion regarding Beaufort's holiday parking: Wrap the robots

Flickr user cjsutton

As you know Beaufort again will be offering free parking for most of downtown through the holiday season.

If you hadn't heard about that then check out this story to catch up on all of the info.

If I may offer a suggestion, let's remember to have fun with the holiday parking, and by that I mean "WRAP THOSE ROBOTS!"

Wrap them up tight with a ribbon and a bow. And use bright, bright, shiny wrapping paper. Maybe some garland would be nice, too.

Just because most of the meters have been removed from downtown Beaufort doesn't mean we should be deprived the small-town charm of seeing the meters wrapped and bowed.  

All kidding aside, there's a business upside to making the free parking plan as noticeable as possible. You want people to see the wrapped robots from down the street, this way they'll know parking is free and will be more inclined to stop. A simple paper sign or post it surely will not do.

So wrap those robots, Beaufort, for all of our sakes.



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